Active memories


Active memories



Why not have a bachelor party or a bachelorette party at Otepää Adventure Center? Over the years, it has proved very popular to ride in the cable park with the best friends (wakeboard, wake skis, wakeskate, skimboard, wake tube, or some other exciting equipment). So far, we have only heard positive feedback from bachelors or newlyweds who have come to enjoy time together with friends. In the hot tube, it is possible to share impressions and watch others riding, or instead have a sauna experience in the Indian tepee sauna! We also offer a unique jungle trip in a naturally formed primeval valley, which has left an indelible memory for so many! You can end the evening with a barbecue at sunset, visit the Väike-Munamäe lookout tower and relax in the lake houses.

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Organizing birthdays, summer days, or team events, we offer various possibilities in Otepää Wakepark (wakeboarding, wake skiing, riding with wake tube, etc.). Those who do not want to ride in the cable park, can do stand up paddleboarding on the lake, sunbathe on the beach, play volleyball, badminton or ping pong. There are activities for both small children and adults! You can rent a hot tube or an Indian tepee sauna, which both are located on the shores of the lake. Otepää Adventure Center is located close to the city of Otepää, but at the same time in the middle of a completely quiet and relaxing nature, in a valley between two mountains. It is possible to use a grill in the recreation area and eat behind the tables which on the beach. The final pleasure of the evening is to just sit by the warming fireplace, play the guitar or listen to the crickets chirping.

It is possible to spend the night in two lake houses for a total of 10 people, in a caravan park with caravans, in a Native American tepee sauna or by camping by the lake.

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Over the years, Otepää Wakepark has hosted some of the largest concerts with well-known Estonian artists, with guests from Otepää and further afield. As the recreation area is located only 1.4 km from the center of Otepää and we are reached by a light traffic trail, it is easy to get here on foot or by other means of transport (bicycle, roller scooter, skateboard, etc.). The concert area is located on the beach and facing the lake.

Among Estonian singers and bands, we have had concerts with Koit Toome and Laura, Liisi Koikson, Naised köögis, and Põhja-Tallinn. There is an on-site cafe where you can buy a variety of drinks and snacks before and during the concert.

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For several years, we have organized the Estonian Wakeboard and Wakeskiing Championships in Otepää Wakepark, as well as just various competitions during the summer. There have been competitors from Estonia as well as, for example, our southern neighbors from Latvia.

We have also held several summer camps in Otepää Adventure Center. These have been multi-day sports and entertainment camps for kids as well as for adults or families. In addition to the points system that participants have had to follow, the camps have been about learning and successfully completing various new skills. In the morning there have been morning joggings and gymnastics, then wakeboarding and wake skiing rides, visits to Otepää skatepark, and disc golf tracks. People can practice slackline walking, balance on the balance board, and tricks on the trampoline. All this in order to train muscles in many ways. Native American rituals have been done in the Native American tepee sauna, and the impressions of the day have been shared in the hot tube. Camping has been in the tents in the recreation area, and in the evenings there have been movie nights or playing guitar, singing, and enjoying the silence by the campfire.

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